MobileECG may be next great open hardware project

There isn’t much open hardware medical instrumentation projects that can be considered completed and reliable. MobilECG project could pretend to be one that could compete with medical grade devices. Actually Péter, the founder of project, intended to collect decent amount of funding to get medical certification. But campaign didn’t went as planned, so he decided to make project open. Since the most of work is already done it would be sad to see project die. The decision to make it open is plausible and maybe it will completed with help of community.

MobilECG is very compact device that can measure ECG using 12 leads. The ECG signal is digitized using ADS1278 eight channel ADC from Texas Instruments. For interfacing and communication to host there are two Atmel AVR micros used – ATtiny24 and ATUC64D4. Schematic is developed using KiCAD software. Firmware isn’t complete – only minor functionality with several known bugs. Anyone with biomedical engineering knowledge will definitely see the potential of this device that can be attached to any device like PC, android or other and explore own ECG signals.

The software is licensed under WTFPL, the hardware under CERN OHL 1.2. There is no warranty, and I have no liability for anything related to mobilECG. Only put the electrodes on people if you are 100% confident in what you are doing.

Note: the design is functional  but unfinished, it needs additional work before it can be certified. There are also some known bugs in it. Most of the software is unimplemented. If you have questions, contact me at peter dоt isza аt gmail dоt com.

ECG was a revolutionary invention in the recognition of these life-threatening conditions. Since its introduction, ECG has had one of the biggest impacts on modern medicine, just like antibiotics. We believe that with our new, 21th century solution more people can have access to clinical-grade electrocardiography than ever.

Regular medical screening plays an important role in prevention. Proper screening requires 12-lead diagnostic ECG machines, which are usually expensive and hard to use.


MobilECG is different. Read on to find out how mobilECG can help you and your loved ones.

Projected technical specifications

  • Supported operating systems
    • Windows (XP+)
    • OSX 10.6.8+
    • Ubuntu
    • Android (Only with USB OTG support. The mobilECG wireless adapter (described later) will support every Bluetooth device.)
  • Pacemaker detection  Yes
  • Lead-off detection  All leads except for RL
  • Defibrillator protection  5 kV
  • Patient protection  4 kV R.M.S.
  • Peak-to-peak noise  < 12 µV
  • CMRR  > 100 dB
  • Output sampling frequency  500 Hz
  • ADC resolution  50 nV/bit
  • Electrode offset  ± 300 mV
  • Dynamic range  ± 300 mV
  • Standards  IEC / ANSI ES 60601-1, 60601-1-2, 60601-1-6, 60601-2-47

MobilECG brings diagnostic ECG recording to patients, and is a powerful diagnostic tool for doctors, providing frequent high-quality data simpler than ever before.

  • MobilECG is a smart cable that turns your computer or tablet into a clinical-grade diagnostic ECG machine.
  • There is no need to install drivers or applications on your PC or Mac. Just place the electrodes, plug in the USB, start the portable app and you are ready to go.
  • The free software will guide you through the measurement with voice instructions. It will detect common mistakes, for example, wrong electrode placement or improper contact.