Roentgenoscope for hybrid operating room


It’s a reliable portable roentgenoscope, consisting of the source of X-ray radiation, X-ray image intensifier and high-voltage power supply. In the device there are used original X-ray image intensifier on the microchannel plate with high efficiency, high-resolution, and adjusted wavelength in the wide range. The device is designed as comfortable for simultaneous operations of various medical devices, such as tomographs, endoscopes and life support surgical consoles in the modern hybrid operating rooms.

General characteristics:

  • Power capacity: 60 VA
  • Weight – 10 kg.
  • Voltage: AC:50~60Hz,100~250VAC
  • Image resolution: ≥30 px/cm
  • Inage export on the other display– till 3 screens
  • Penetrating rays — <1 mGy/hour (50cm from the source <1mGy/hour (50cm from the source).