Services in the sphere of the telecommunication technologies
The specialists of our Company render the efficient services in the field of the telecommunication technologies. The offers will be interesting for the television equipment producers, Internet-providers and other representatives of this branch. All the tasks are fulfilled by the experienced specialists, who possess a big experience in the developing, designing and system optimizations of the various level of difficulty and have a complete set of equipment available for reaching the set targets.

The range of services from the Company DOM RAZRABOTCHIKA LLC
You can also apply to us with such issues as:
•Purchasing the equipment, which is used in television systems and Ethernet networks. Our specialists are sure to help you to choose the proper variant from the available production or to offer you an exclusive solution, having developed an individual project. Video cards and multiplexors, complicated systems and their separate elements, receivers and uninterruptive power supply sources – all this and many other is represented in the variety of products of our Company. This production as well as the equipment for Ethernet networks is applied both for home and administrative use.
•Designing the telecommunication systems. Constant updating, studying the advanced technologies and implementing them in practice, own developments – all this allows our employees creating actually qualitative and effective products for digital broadcasting, Internet networks and telephony.
•Optimizing the existing solutions. Our analytics will be conducting the survey of the systems already installed, will offer the optimization cases of their improving, updating for increasing the efficiency and providing the broadcasting of very good quality and reliable Ethernet-networks to the population.