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Texas Instruments (TI) Delivers Next-Generation Power-over-Ethernet Technology for IP Phones, WLAN Access Points and Security Systems

New Controller IC and Plug-in Power Module Simplify Design and Increase Adoption for Ethernet-Powered Appliances

May 17, 2004 – Texas Instruments Incorporated announced a versatile new integrated circuit (IC) controller and the industry’s first Power-over-Ethernet plug-in power module that reduces design time and eases implementation of Ethernet-powered industrial and commercial devices such as WLAN access points, IP phones, security and point-of-sale systems.

Next-Generation Powered Device Controller
TI’s new TPS2375 controller builds upon the success of the TPS2370, introduced in 2003, to effectively manage discovery, classification and delivery of direct-current (DC) power to a powered device. The IC offers increased flexibility and performance as it manages the interface between the power source equipment (PSE) and a commercial or industrial powered device (PD), while providing necessary power management control and protection.The controller further protects the powered device by implementing a 450-mA operating current limit, thermal shutdown and in-rush current limiting. The device utilizes a tiny external resistor to program in-rush current limit, enabling interoperability between a wide range of IEEE 802.3af-compliant and pre-802.3af”legacy” PSE systems. For additional technical features, and fixed, adjusted or legacy under-voltage lockout versions of the TPS2375, see www.ti.com/sc04104a.

First Complete Power-over-Ethernet Plug-in Module
Realizing time to market is critical, TI also announced the industry’s first, fully IEEE 802.3af-compliant plug-in power module for Ethernet-powered devices. The PTB48540 module significantly reduces time to market for designers of specialized, Ethernet-powered IP phone consoles, security systems, card readers, point-of-sale terminals or other systems that need to quickly detect, classify and deliver up to 10 watts of DC power. Requiring only a small external Power-over-Ethernet isolation transformer, the low-profile module (41 mm x 38 mm x 8.5 mm) provides a complete power solution for powered devices. TI’s TPS2375 controller sits inside the module, as well as an electro-magnetic interference (EMI)/input voltage transient filter, and both data and spare line bridge networks. The module is available in 3.3-V, 5-V or 12-V outputs with through-hole or surface mount device (SMD) mounting options. For more technical information on the PTB48540 plug-in module, see www.ti.com/sc04104b.